And I Saw (2012)

SSAA divisi a cappella
Commissioned in 2012-13 by a consortium of advanced women’s choirs.


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Performed by Academic Female Voice Choir Lyran


And our eyes were opened; eyes that had been holden.
And I saw the world, and the fruits thereof.
And I saw their glories, scarlet-stained and golden,
All a crumbled dust beneath the feet of Love.
And I saw their dreams, all of nothing worth;
But a path for Love, for Him to walk above,
And I saw new heaven, and new earth.

- Josephine Preston Peabody

2012-2013 Consortium of Advanced Women’s Choirs
Aurora, Luther College, Sandra Peter, conductor
Cantala, Lawrence Univeristy, Phillip Swan, conductor
Cantamus, Iowa State University, Kathleen Rodde, conductor
Dorian Singers, University of Puget Sound, Anne Lyman, conductor
Lyran, University of Helsinki, Jutta Seppinen, conductor
Manitou Singers, St. Olaf College, Sigrid Johnson, condutor
Women’s Chorus, Central Michigan University, Alan Gumm, conductor