Current Projects

"True North" - Completed

Premiere: March 18, 19, 2017

This 16' piece for choir and chamber orchestra was commissioned by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra for a celebration of community outreach.

"Untitled" - Completed

Premiere: April 30, 2017

Yes, that's the title. Takach wrote a new, quirky march for the Lex-Ham Community Band in St. Paul, MN. The premiere will take place at the Landmark Center in St. Paul.


Premiere: Spring, 2018

 Takach is writing a 30-40 minute oratorio based on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the Heartland Men's Chorus. Libretto by Robert Hill, premiere date TBD in Spring, 2018.

"Afka Hooyo" - Completed

Premiere: April 30, 2017

 Setting the Somalian words of poet Hadrawi, this new piece for the Great River Choral celebrates the official adoption of the Somali language in 1973.

"VII. Mars (Love Asleep and Waiting)" - Completed

Premiere: April 27, 28, 29, 2017

Takach has written another movement of his upcoming choral cycle based on the solar system. This commission is for the Minnesota Valley Men's Chorale.

"The Wings of Our Children" - Completed

Premiere: May 21, 2017

Takach will work with Eric Johnson and Cor Cantiamo (IL) to write a new 7-10' a cappella work for the choir. He will work with his own edit of the short story "Displaced Persons" by author Leah Bobet. Premiere date May 21, 2017.

"Bahihii Waaliidkay Dhaqay" - Completed

Premiere: June, 2017

For this Minneapolis Public Schools commission, Takach wrote a 2-part piece on a new poem in Somali by Ahmed Ismail Yusuf for the choir of Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis, MN.

"II. Neptune (The Storm Was Loose)" - Completed

Premiere: April 9, 2016.

Tim wrote a new piece for the Composers Lab, a project of The Singers (Minneapolis, MN), conducted by Dr. Matthew Culloton. This is for a cappella choir and is a movement of Takach's upcoming multi-movement choral cycle. 

"Everything Sings" - Completed

Premiere: May 15, 2016.
Takach will work with the MN-based Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs to write a new work for choir and the Cavani String Quartet, celebrating the organization's 35th anniversary. 

 "VI. Comet (Transmigration)" - Completed

Premiere: August 6, 2016.

Takach wrote a new piece for conductor Jing Ling Tam and the 2016-17 MN All State Mixed Choir. This is a movement from his upcoming multi-movement choral cycle.


Premiere: Fall, 2017

Takach is working with the Minnesotra Orchestra and Minneapolis based ComMUISCation to arrange a set of five folk songs, set for unison voices, viola and double bass.


Premiere: Spring, 2017

Takach has been commissioned to write a new piece for Big Lake High School Choir. He'll be setting Joyce Sutphen's "Crossroads" poem for SATB choir and piano


Premiere: July 2, 2017

Green Box Arts and the Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble have commissioned Takach to write a new 5 minute choral work for the Summer Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain, CO. The piece will based on Norwegian myth and will focus on the cycle of destruction and rebirth.


Premiere: Fall, 2017

Takach will write a commission for the Rhodes Singers of Rhodes College in Nashville, TN. He will set the poem "An Alchemy in the Bones" by William Reichard for SATB, piano, harp, and percussion.