Goodbye, Then

Goodbye, Then (2012)

Multiple voicings, clarinet in Bb, piano



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We said goodbye then
With people there
So it wouldn’t be quite so hard.
And we had said what we wanted to say
Or at least we knew by then
What didn’t need to be said,
So it wasn’t so hard.

We would see each other again
Thought we didn’t know when
And we could call and talk
Across the thousands of miles between us.
After all we had known each other
All this time
And would know each other
always and anywhere.
So it wasn’t hard.

But – both of us – our eyes were tears
And the world and the people were not there,
And that last hug –
How could I not hold you?

How could we separate our hearts
When we felt them beating together?
And how – God, how – could I let go?

- Doug Wilhide, used with permission