Kin (2015)

TB, piano
Commissioned by The Apollo Club for The Apollo Male Chorus, Dr. Sean Vogt, conductor


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Choral score

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You are all my kin

in the small hours
I claim you

Set out in your shadow boats
let us meet

by sail, by paddle, by oar

On a vastness of water
however wild it may be

All of you my kin and I claim you

- Michael Dennis Browne (Used with permission)


There is something intangible about men getting together to sing. It’s empowering, fraternal, and totally unique. If I knew what it was I’d bottle it up and sell it, but since I don’t I’ll settle for trying to capture it in music. When I asked Michael Dennis Browne if I could set his poem “Kin” for male choir, he asked, “Why that poem?” I told him it’s because if a choir of male singers is lucky enough to get together and make music, they need to have repertoire in which they can believe, and they need texts that have depth and truth in them - texts that we may not get the chance to say out loud. To me, this poem embodies what it’s like to sing in a room full of men, a room full of brotherhood. Most people will never know what that feels like. But that’s okay. Because we know.

- Timothy C. Takach, 2015