Mad (2014)

TB, piano
Commissioned by the American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota
(ACDA-MN) for the 2014 State 7-8 Boys’ Honor Choir, Andrew Last, guest conductor



Choral score

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Performed by 2014 MN State 7-8 Boys' Honor Choir, Andrew Last, conductor.


I got mad at my mother
so I flew to the moon.
I could still see our house
so little in the distance
with its pointed roof.
My mother stood in the front yard
like a pin dot
searching for me.
She looked left and right for me.
She looked deep and far.
Then I whistled and she tipped her head.
It gets cold at night on the moon.
My mother sent up a silver thread
for me to slide down on.
She knows me so well.
She knows I like silver.

- Naomi Shihab Nye (Used with permission)