One Boy Told Me

One Boy Told Me (2011)

Commissioned by the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, Garrett Lathe, founding director.


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Music lives inside my legs.
It's coming out when I talk.

There's a stopper in my arm
that's not going to let me grow any bigger.
I'll be like this always, small.

I'll invite a bee to live in your shoe.
What if you found your shoe
full of honey?

My tongue is the car wash
for the spoon.

Just think -- no one has ever seen
inside this peanut before!

When I grow up my old names
will live in the house
where we live now.
I'll come and visit them.

What does minus mean?
I never want to minus you.

I do and don't love you --
isn't that happiness?

- Naomi Shihab Nye, used with permission
(exerpt of the full poem, seen here.)