The Dawn Brings Dew and Fire

The Dawn Brings Dew and Fire (2012)

TBB, a cappella
For the Flower Mound High School Men’s Chamber Choir, Dr. Mark Rohwer,
Director, and Adela Martinez, Assisstant Director


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Performed by the Flower Mound High School Men's Chamber Choir,
Dr. Mark Rohwer, conductor.

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When the mist is on the river, and the haze is on the hills,
And the promise of the springtime all the ample haven fills;
When the shy things in the wood-haunts, and the hardy on the plains,
Catch up heart and feel a leaping life through winter-sluggish veins:

Then the summons of the morning like a bugle moves the blood,
Then the soul of men grows larger like a flower from the bud;
For the hope of high endeavor is a cordial half divine,
And the banner cry of Onward! calls the laggards into line.

There is glamour of the moonlight when the stars rain peace below,
But the stir and smell of morning is a better thing to know;
While the night is hushed and holden and transpierced by dreamy song,
Lo! the dawn brings dew and fire and the rapture of the strong.

- Richard Eugene Burton (1899)